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Fort Washington Boating Association (FWBA) was founded on September 21, 1996 by charter members Commodore Rev. Norris Signore, Jessie Thomas, Charles Hart, Kerry and Donna Hall and Pinkney Little!

As a member in good standing with the Potomac River Yacht Clubs Association (PRYCA), FWBA has members from local area marinas located throughout  Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. 

FWBA is dedicated to the pursuit of the following seven principles.

  • Encourage & promote yachting
  • Promote boating safety & education
  • Develop a communal spirit among boating enthusiasts
  • Provide suitable facilities for  recreation
  • Serve as a resource for exchange of boating information
  • Advocate for adequate boat storage and dock facilities
  • Advocate for FWBA members and boating community

The FWBA Community is a Family

FWBA is a close knit, family oriented group of people from various backgrounds, age groups, and professions, but We all have one thing in common—our love for yachting and the camaraderie that comes along with it! 

Each year we have many outings, on the water and on land to include raft-ups,dock parties, cookouts, holiday parties and impromptu get togethers and trips to other marinas along the River and Bay,  

We're much more than a yachting association at a marina. It is a way of life where people form lasting friendships and watch each others' children grow up.

Join us for a few hugs, a lot of laughs and a treasure chest full of sacred boating memories. 

Are You Looking for a Boating Family — Join Our Community!

...or stop by for a visit. Join us for a few hugs, a lot of laughs and a treasure chest full of sacred boating memories. 

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Fort Washington Boating Association

13600 King Charles Terrace, Fort Washington, Maryland 20744

(240) 412-5317


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