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Thumbnal - 2014 Bridge Elected Story

2014 FWBA Bridge Elected

The 2014 FWBA Bridge has been elected. Voting was held last December and there are familiar faces and new.

Captain Nathan Bagby has been elected Commodore replacing former Commodore Walter Staples after many years of faithful service to the club. Captain Bagby has formerly served several years as the club's Rear Commodore and has been involved in the club's inner workings for many years.

Victoria Fore has been reelected to the position of Vice Commodore continuing a tradition of experienced, faithful service. Victoria has long been a focal point of club activities organizing meetings, trips and other events. We look forward to her continued dedication, leadership and faithful service.

Elected to the position of Rear Commodore is Captain Deginal Boykin. “Deg” has been a long time member of the FWBA and is a prominent member of the “impromptu scene” within the club and at the marina. Deginal brings many years of yachting experience to the position and is welcome addition to the FWBA bridge.

Long time member Captain Tyrone Tolson has been elected to the position of Fleet Captain replacing former Fleet Captain George Yarborough. "Ty" is an ex FWBA bridge officer returning to serve in his former position. Tyrone brings new energy and ideas to the club and is a welcome addition to the bridge.

Captain Kyle Hutchinson again returns as club Treasurer, a position he's held for many years within the club. Hey, if it ain't broke why fix it?! Kyle keeps the club's finances in order and the bridge well informed while championing club causes with great energy.

Kathy Chambers has been reelected to the position of Secretary. Kathy has been a welcomed addition to the bridge after being elected to the position in 2013. Her continued service is greatly appreciated.

The new bridge brings a renewed commitment to the traditions of leadership and service to the FWBA, injecting new ideas and energy to the club and it's membership.

Finally, the club would like to thank Captain Walter Staples and Captain George Yarborough for their many years of faithful and dedicated service as Commodore and Fleet Captain respectively. Both decided to step down after the 2013 yachting season but they will remain active members of the club. Thank you Walt and George from all of the FWBA members. See you in 2014!

See the new 2014 FWBA Bridge.

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